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6 Jan

Writing seems so hard when you have no time.
Especially, when as soon as you start you want to pour all your thoughts out. Does that happen often? 

With Love,

Junior year

14 Sep

It’s ironic cause I thought I was in love with someone else three months ago. However you can’t tell someone that, that doesn’t reciprocate it.

Life tip: Don’t put all your feelings and emotions into being upset or distraught because life can change at any second and the best thing in your life could happen.

With Love, 

20 Jul

You know when you realize something and it has a deep underlining of past info and you’re just kinda like wtf is life?

8 Jul

Have you ever heard the theory that deja vu happening means you’re on the right life track? I heard that once and I’d like to think every time it happens I’m making the right life decisions. Even if it doesn’t the confidence I get from it, is a plus.

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